Does your child love challenges. . .especially hands-on activities?  Do you want to enhance your child’s critical thinking skills, creativity, and ability to solve complex problems?  The Gifted Child Institute, Davis, California offers fast-paced and challenging Creative Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking programs for students in Grades 1 to 4.  A program can consist of one-on-one learning for your child (50-minute sessions @ $33 each, minimum of 6 sessions) or can be one hour sessions consisting of 2 – 4 students ($33 per session), with a minimum of 6 classes.  (For classes of up to 4 students, parents are welcome to develop their own groups of 2 – 4 students, putting together children who may have already developed acquaintances and/or friendships and may be particularly compatible in a learning environment.)

These exciting classes are designed to enhance each student’s analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.  They are a fun way for your child to become more creative, analytical, and “smarter”! The development of critical thinking skills is emphasized, including inductive and deductive reasoning, creativity, “thinking outside the box,” higher order thinking skills, and multiple intelligences. Lots of hands-on activities are included.

For more information about any of the foregoing offerings or to enroll your child in a Gifted Child Institute program or class, contact the Gifted Child Institute at eduarch@gmail.com, or phone 530-304-9744.  Also, inquiries may be sent via mail – Gifted Child Institute, Box 72601, Davis, CA  95617.

All classes are taught by Sally Stow, J. D., who has been a leader in the field of gifted education for over 20 years.